London Pinups Presents:Garden Of Hedon
A modern burlesque show!

Ginger St. James

Ginger St. James originally got her start perfoming on the Toronto Burlesque circut, taking to the stage with Toronto’s most delectable burlesque troupe “Les Coquettes” in 2002. After falling desperatley in love with the “art of the tease” she formed her own burlesque troupe “Steeltown Sirens’ shortly after in 2005 starring as the sultry songstress and bump n’ grind sensation that would lead to her solo career and open many doors along the way. Appearing on the Cover of “View Magazine and Pulse Niagara” Gingers other accomplishments include feature spots on Men T.V and Global Television (JR Digs), winning the lead role as the seductive Sally Bowles in “Cabaret” and also being cast as “the femme fatale” in an upcoming indie film LUCKY7 (Queens International Film fest selection for best screenplay” She will continue persuing her career in entertainment, incorperating burlesque and satire into her music and performance.

The spark of Ginger St. James is so hot and bright, it’s heat can be felt the world over. From the UK, USA and Canada, Ginger’s music has cascaded the airwaves and into ears, leaving listeners breathless and wanting more. She’s a show all her own – a powerful voice, saucy personality and wit sharper than the edge of a crisp one hundred dollar bill. A throwback to the starlets of the 1940’s the diminutive St. James often surprises audiences with her powerful voice and irresistable stage presence. GINGER ST JAMES cleaverly mixes vaudeville, cabaret, rock and roll, and tease like a bartender fixing a million dollar drink. The show is tasteful, exciting, and most importantly entertaining like nothing you’ve ever heard or seen!


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