London Pinups Presents:Garden Of Hedon
A modern burlesque show!

Bonita Chinchilla

Bonita Chinchilla was conceived as the result of an illicit, and passionate love affair between an heiress and a mere commoner.  Fearing scandal, Bonita’s mother abandoned her in the Andes where she was raised by a restless pack of chinchillas.  While Bonita was still a child, she was discovered by members of The Travelling Circus of Cochabamba.  She was adopted by a drag queen by the name of Tia Titicaca who was the circus’s senior sword swallower.  Miss Titicaca taught Bonita everything a lady needs to know, but cannot learn from undomesticated chinchillas.  During her years with the circus, Miss Chinchilla honed her many talents.  In 2006 a horrible swallowing accident killed her adopted mother.  After the funeral, Bonita ran away from the circus and joined The Garden of Hedon Burlesque troupe, vowing to honour her deceased adopted mother with every turn of her tassles.
If you think you may have fathered an illegitimate child with someone of royal blood during the eighties and you are a mere commoner please speak to Bonita after the show.


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