London Pinups Presents:Garden Of Hedon
A modern burlesque show!

We laughed, I cried, a Good time was had by All!

Ok, I didn’t really cry but there were moments I felt like it.

What a ride!  I can honestly say that this experience was both exciting and terrifying at the same time.  One moment I am crazy in love with the notion of what to do for the next show and the next moment I feel like slapping sense back into myself.

We arrived at the theatre around 10am (I was up at 6am) and we ran around like crazy people for the next couple of hours setting up lighting, putting out goodie bags, filling the fridge and running last minute errands.  And then we waited.  I guess I should have stressed to the performers to be there earlier.

We did delay the show by a few minutes at the beginning and we had some last minute changes.  Our original MC had to head out of town for a family emergency so thankfully Bernie Roehl, our improv guy, was able to step in and take over that role.  I like to think of him as my knight in a shining dinner jacket.  He was fabulous!

So the evening began with an injured Ginger St. James.  There is a great story behind the ankle injury but you’ll have to ask her for the details.  Mind you, for anyone that made it to the show, you wouldn’t have known that there was anything wrong with her ankle as she skipped around the stage!

Kissimmi Goodknight followed up with an incredible performance, dancing to the Jessica Rabbit song – Why Don’t You Do Right?.  Let me put it this way, Who Framed Roger Rabbit would have had a much higher rating if Jessica Rabbit danced like this in the movie.

Then we did the chicken dance!  Ok, not really but Bonita Chinchilla did do a dance to a song called Little Red Rooster and the best part for me was the reveal of the fried egg pasties!

Next up we had a last minute addition to our cast, Anita Johnson.  She did an amazing performance and I wish I could tell you the name of the song but it’s hard to remember the words with the images of her dancing in my head!

We finished up the first half of the show with Shantell doing an amazing poi performance.  This is my absolute favourite so forgive my bias.  I’ve been intrigued by this since I was a kid.  My family used to vacation in Florida regularly and we would go to this Hawaiin Restaurant where they would do dinner and a show.  I loved it! And I specifically remember the poi, it was as fascinating then as it is now.

Interspersed between the acts we decided to try something a little different and did some improv bits.  The audience got to participate and I think it was the perfect addition to the show.

The second half of the show we had our first performance blunder.  I’m not sure if our girl was overly nervous or something but sadly she had a bit too much to drink before her set and the performance went awry.  I’m sure anyone who attended probably remembers her best and I’ve never wanted one of those long shepards hooks so badly in my entire life.

Thankfully Katz Meeow picked things up with an amazing balloon dance to Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend.  This was the point things really shone! or should I say sparkled.  I had the brilliant idea to fill the balloons with glitter, which created a really cool effect in the lighting but I’m sure some of the audience is still picking glitter out of their hair.

Anita came on for a second performance and did a leg strip, which was a new one for me.  I have watched dozens of acts, live and online, but I have never seen this one.  Basically she layed on her back and took off her boots and stockings.  But it was an intriguing act to see!

We then had another original act.  Bonita was back but this time she was with Lila Paschilla and were librarians at the Garden of Hedon Public Library.  They did a wacky mad lib and it was hilarious.  Though I must admit, with these two girls standing there in nothing but pasties and panties the words people were choosing were very tame…elbow? Come on!  Story time will never be the same though.

We closed the evening with Shantell again.  This time she performed a veil dance and it was mesmerizing.  I think my husband is signing me up for belly dance class as we speak!

Of course the performances weren’t all that went on that night.  We had our silent auction and everything was bid on.  We made close to $300 just on the auctions.  I will be making up thank you notes for the sponsors this week!  We couldn’t have done it without their generous donations.  And in case you are curious, we did make somewhere around $800 after all our expenses.  🙂

We closed the evening with a big group bow.  After everyone left we proceeded to clean up the glitter and close up shop.  We did attempt to go out to celebrate but we were exhausted from the day so sadly we only managed one drink and then home to bed.

Photo’s have been posted on the myspace site and when we get some time to edit the video a bit, we will get that posted as well.

I want to send out a big thank you to all of those that attended the show.  I sincerely hope you had a great time, it wouldn’t have been the same without you! In fact, it would have been very boring and quiet.  I don’t think i could have asked for a better audience. 🙂

So lots of love and kisses for everyone! I can’t wait to get the pictures printed, packed up and mailed out!



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