London Pinups Presents:Garden Of Hedon
A modern burlesque show!

All I need is a little help from my friends…

There has been a lot of interest regarding the show, partially because of the fact that is burlesque and partially because of our cause which is supporting our Canadian Troops. You can see that our sponsors page has been growing with some awesome donations for our silent auction.

There comes a time though when one may need to admit they need help. Everyone involved so far has been great, doing what they can but up to this point I’ve been trying to do the majority of the work on my own. I will be the first to admit, I am a closet control freak. I have ideas about how things need/should be done and it is hard to allow others to do things their way. Care for an example? 🙂 I hate the way my husband folds the bath towels. I usually refold them later because they fit better on the shelf in the closet when they are folded the way I do it.

I’ll give you a minute to finish your giggling over that one.

I have agreed that it is time for the pro’s to come in. We are now officially working with The Darker Side of Light Productions. They are a very well connected entertainment production company that is based out of Kitchener and Toronto. You can find them on Myspace and after just one meeting with them, I would highly recommend their services if you are ever in the position of organizing an event.

So be prepared for an even better show as they help me get more organized from the production and promotion side of things!

And you thought the show was going to be pretty good before… 🙂


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